Industrial Relations Commission of NSW

UPDATED PN 17A – new page limits on the length of the Employer’s Reply

28 March 2024

From 28 March 2024, Employer’s Responses to applications for relief pursuant to s 84 of the Industrial Relations Act 1996 (Unfair Dismissals) filed in accordance with cl 4.5(2) of the Industrial Relations Rules 2022 must be no more than 30 pages without leave of the Commission. Any request for leave must be made at least two working days prior to the date that the response is due to be filed with the Commission and must contain reasons as to why the additional pages are required. The updated Practice Note will be published on this website on that date.

Consistent with Rule 3.4(5) of Division 3 of the Uniform Civil Procedure Rules - Filing documents using Online Registry, parties should be aware that despite a document being submitted to be filed by means of Online Registry, and notice of acceptance given by Online Registry, the document may subsequently be rejected by the Commission if the document fails to comply with any substantial requirements of the approved form or the rules in relation to such a document, including page limits.

Last updated:

02 Apr 2024

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