Industrial Relations Commission of NSW

Our commitment

New South Wales Courts and Tribunals are committed to providing our clients with a high standard of service. We constantly strive to improve services and foster closer relationships with all clients. The Industrial Registry has adopted the New South Wales Courts and Tribunals Client Service Charter which sets out the service we provide and the standards you can expect: 

Registry Services

We aim to:

  • serve you within five minutes of attendance
  • acknowledge telephone calls within five rings
  • process all documents within three days

Information Services

  • We will provide you with assistance and information about our services, procedures, your case and your options
  • We can provide information or a referral to mediation, support or legal services.


  • Information about our services is available at registries, over the telephone, by facsimile, via the post and online.
  • We will continue to improve our service delivery and be responsive to the needs of our clients and the community
  • We aim to provide safe and accessible court, tribunal and registry facilities for all clients.

Our Service commitment to you

We will:

  • be courteous, respectful and professional.
  • act honestly, fairly and impartially
  • take into account your specific needs
  • provide access to our information, services, court and tribunals
  • treat your information and enquiries in confidence and with sensitivity
  • make our services faster, simpler and easier to use.

Helping us to help you

We ask you to:

  • tells us if you have any specific needs
  • let us know if you need an interpreter to use our services
  • provide us with all requested information
  • treat our staff with courtesy and respect
  • not offer gifts, money or other favours to our staff.

Our services

Our primary services are:

  • administrative support for the Industrial Court of New South Wales and the Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales
  • provision of information and forms about court and tribunal cases and procedures
  • referrals to appropriate support, legal or mediation services.

Contacting other services

We may refer you to other services if your situation requires:

  • Mediation, available through Community Justice Centres on 1800 990 777 (TTY 1800 671 964)
  • Legal Assistance, available through LawAccess NSW on 1300 888 529 (TTY 1300 889 529) or online at
  • Support for Victims, from the Victims Support line on 1800 633 063 or DOCS Domestic Violence Helpline on 1800 656 463 (TTY 1800 671 442)


We value your feedback and encourage you to direct it to the Registrar or manager. 

If you are not satisfied with the day-to-day services provided by the Industrial Registry or have any concerns about them, please discuss this with the person you dealt with, or that person’s supervisor, and he or she will try to resolve your concerns immediately. 

If you are still not satisfied or your concern/complaint remains unresolved, please write to:

The Grievance Handling Officer 

Industrial Relations Commission of NSW 

PO Box 927 

Parramatta NSW 2124

or email us at:

The Industrial Registry also welcomes positive comments. Please address any comments or suggestions about our service to the Industrial Registrar.

Last updated:

11 May 2023

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