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Industrial Registry

The Industrial Relations Commission Registry is created by the Industrial Relations Act 1996. The Industrial Registry provides administrative support and registry services to assist the Chief Commissioner and Commissioners conciliate and determine matters lodged before the State's Industrial tribunal; to facilitate access to the Industrial Relations Commission and its services; and to be responsive to the needs of all persons accessing the services of the Industrial Registry of the Industrial Relations Commission. 

The Industrial Registry comprises 2 sections with a current establishment of approximately 10 staff:

  • Commissioner Support Services
  • Client Services 

What we Do

The Industrial Registry serves as the Registry for the Industrial Relations Commission of New South Wales and its associated tribunals.

The main functions of the Registry are to:

  • manage the administrative and registry functions of the Industrial Relations Commission;
  • provide information on the civil, criminal and appellate jurisdictions of the Industrial Relations Commission;
  • provide information concerning the status and disposition of matters before the Industrial Relations Commission;
  • list matters before the Chief Commissioner and Commissioners and allocate resources to support the functions of those bodies;
  • develop and maintain a computerised case management system.

The Industrial Registrar also has statutory duties under the Industrial Relations Act 1996 and other legislation and the Industrial Registry supports that role.

Some of these functions include:

  • overseeing of industrial organisations (trade unions);
  • administering conditions of employment for people with disabilities;
  • approving deferral of annual leave; and
  • determining applications for conscientious objection to union membership and right of entry permits.
  • publishing the orders and awards made by the Commission in Industrial Gazette so that they have legal effect
  • preparing comparison reports on enterprise agreements.

What we don't do

We don't:

  • provide legal advice about the merits of a particular matter;
  • interpret awards, enterprise agreements or contract determinations;
  • provide information on rates of pay or award conditions;
  • provide information about occupational health and safety, workers compensation, equal opportunity, anti-discrimination and harassment matters; and
  • recommend the name of persons/firms as legal representatives or industrial advocates.

The environment in which the Industrial Registry operates covers both the legal and the industrial arenas. As the registry for a court with a civil and criminal jurisdiction, it has the same commitment to the timely and efficient delivery of quality client services as is embraced by other courts and tribunals in New South Wales.

Last updated:

03 Mar 2020

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