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1st Round of 2007 Award Review - list of awards due for review

List of Awards for Review

The following table lists the NSW awards that are due for review in the period to June 2007.

Please see Registrar's Announcement for the 18 May 2007 for further information relating to this round of the award review.

Further information regarding the history and participation records for each award is available by selecting its award code. 

Code Title
820 Actors (Theatrical) (State) Award
1772 Adecco - NUW (NSW) Consent Award 2004
1514 Adecco Projects Australia Pty Ltd (Events) (State) Award 2001
749 Advertising Sales Representatives (State) Award
005 Aerated Waters, &c. (State) Award
1264 Aged Care Industry (Broken Hill) Award
010 Animal Food Makers, &c. (State) Award
1165 Armidale Women's Shelter (Remuneration For On-call) Award 1996
017 Asphalt and Bitumen Industry (State) Award
1759 Australand Holdings Limited Mayne Nickless Warehouse and Office Facility Project Award 2004
1806 Australian Inland and Electrical Trades Union Industrial Enterprise Award 2004
1027 Australian Jockey Club - Single Bargaining Unit Enterprise Award 2004
1358 Australian Jockey Club Hospitality Employees Award 2004
1531 Australian Liquor, Hospitality and Miscellaneous Workers Union Chemical Industry (APS Operations) Award
1591 Australian Workers Union Workforce International Pty Ltd (Events) (State) Award 2001, The
320 Avon Products Pty Limited (Brookvale) Consent Award 2004
1391 AWU Racing New South Wales (State) Award
1610 AWU Training Wage (State) Award 2002
022 Bacon Factory Employees (Cumberland) Consolidated Award
036 Biscuit and Cake Makers (State) Award
1278 Blue Circle Packaging Plant (State) Award
1599 BlueScope Steel (AIS) Pty Limited - Maintenance Restructuring Award
040 Boiling Down and By-Products (Cumberland) Consolidated Award
789 Bootmakers and Heel Bar Operatives, &c. (State) Award
1061 Boral Resources (Country) Pty Limited Concrete Batching Industry (State) Award
982 Boral Resources (Country) Pty Limited Quarrying Industry (State) Award
1239 Boral Resources (Country) Pty Ltd Transport Industry (State) Award
043 Bowling and Golf Clubs Employees (State) Award
041 Bread Vendors (Tip Top Bakeries - Sydney) Interim Award 2004
059 Breweries (State) Award
086 Breweries, Maintenance Employees (State) Award
084 Building Crane Drivers (State) Award
058 Building Employees Mixed Industries (State) Award
066 Building Industry - Contract Floor Layer Minimum Rate Order Award
757 Caltex/Kurnell Maintenance Award
976 Carlton and United Breweries (NSW) Pty Limited Kent Brewery Transitional Agreement 2003 (Interim Award)
1595 Catholic Health Care Services Nurses' Enterprise (State) Award 2001
1774 Catholic Schools Long Service Leave Portability (State) Award
4244 Chanel (Australia) Pty Ltd (State) Award
726 Charitable, Aged and Disability Care Services (State) Award
112 Chemical Workers (State) Award
1413 Chubb Security Services Cash Processing and Clerical and Administrative Employees Award
217 Clerical and Administrative Employees (John Fairfax Publications) Award 2000
139 Clothing Trades (State) Award
140 Club Employees (State) Award
585 Club Industry (Variety Artists) (State) Award 2001
143 Coachmakers, &c., Road and Perambulator Manufacturers (State) Award
1052 Coal Superintending Samplers (State) Award
1448 Coleambally Irrigation Consent Award 2004
621 Coles Myer Logistics Pty Ltd Goulburn and Somersby D.C. Consolidated Award 2004
159 Commercial Travellers, &c. (State) Award
1471 Community Colleges Tutors (State) Award
1590 Community Pharmacy (State) Award 2001
163 Confectioners (State) Award
1162 Confectioners (State) Training Wage Award
1511 Conservation Field Officers Department of Lands, Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources and State Water Corporation Award
1775 Cooma Challenge Limited Business Services (State) Award, The
1555 Crown Employees (Aboriginal Housing Office 2004) Award
1784 Crown Employees (Audit Office) 2004 Award
207 Crown Employees (Department of Commerce) Award 2004
1773 Crown Employees (Graphic Service Operators - Department of Lands) Award
1220 Crown Employees (Home Care Service of New South Wales - Administrative Staff - Training Wage) Award 2004
244 Crown Employees (Home Care Service of New South Wales - Administrative Staff) Award 2004
045 Crown Employees (Household Staff - Department of Education and Training) Wages and Conditions Award
1405 Crown Employees (Jenolan Caves Reserve Trust) Salaries Award
1337 Crown Employees (Lord Howe Island Board Salaries and Conditions 2004) Award
1611 Crown Employees (Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences Electrical Preparators) Award 2001
1423 Crown Employees (New South Wales Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care) Residential Centre Support Services Staff (State) Award
1760 Crown Employees (NSW Department of Tourism, Sport and Recreation - Program Officers) Award
1305 Crown Employees (NSW Police Special Constables (Security)) Award
1307 Crown Employees (NSW Police Special Constables) (Police Band) Award
737 Crown Employees (Parks and Gardens - Horticulture and Rangers Staff) Consent Award 2004
092 Crown Employees (Parliament House Conditions of Employment 2004) Award
249 Crown Employees (Prison Officers, Department of Corrective Services) Award
779 Crown Employees (Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales - Salaried Staff Conditions of Employment) Award
811 Crown Employees (Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales - Toll Plaza Officers) Award
013 Crown Employees (Security and General Services) Award
1587 Crown Employees (Sheriff's Officers) Award 2004
110 Crown Employees (State Library Security Staff) Award 2004
1602 Crown Employees (Technical Staff - NSW Agriculture) Award
269 Crown Employees (Tipstaves to Justices) Award
275 Crown Employees (Trades Assistants) Award
985 CSR Limited (trading as) The Readymix Group - Sydney Construction Products and Country Divisions, Quarries Enterprise Bargaining Framework (State) Award 1994
1582 CSR Ltd trading as The Readymix Group Newcastle Concrete (State) Award 2000
1287 CSR Ltd Trading as The Readymix Group Sydney Quarries No. 3 (State) Award 1998
1387 Daracon Engineering Pty Ltd - Newcastle BHP Steelworks Enterprise Consent Award
1467 Divisions of General Practice (State) Award
1258 Douglass Hanly Moir, Barratt & Smith and Southern Pathology (State) Award 2004
283 Draughting Employees, Planners, Technical Employees, &c. (State) Award
285 Drug Factories (State) Award
286 Dry Cleaning (State) Award
293 Electricians, &c. (State) Award
1508 Endeavor Mine Award 2004
602 Energy Australia Award 2004
301 Engine Drivers, &c., General (State) Award
309 Farriers (State) Award
1504 Fernz Minerals Banksmeadow Site Enterprise Consent Award 2001, The
315 Fire Brigade (Maintenance, Construction and Miscellaneous Staff) Award
1666 Fluor Global Services Australia Pty Ltd and United Goninan Ltd, Bluescope Steel, Port Kembla Steelworks Rail and Rolling Stock Maintenance Award 2004
747 Food Preservers (State) Award
168 Footwear Manufacturing Industry (State) Award
1727 Fresh Start Bakeries Australia Pty Limited (NSW) Enterprise Award 2004
336 Friction Materials, &c., Manufacture (State) Award
343 Gangers (State) Award
348 Gelatine and Glue Industry (State) Award
1126 Gordon and Gotch Limited - Lavington Enterprise Award
357 Government Railways (Building Trades Construction Staff) Award
358 Government Railways (Building Trades Maintenance Staff) Award
612 Grocery Products Manufacturing (State) Award
992 Heggies Bulkhaul Limited Bulk Haulage Enterprise Consolidated Award
1777 Hot Strip Mill Capacity Increase Project Consent Award
384 Hotel Employees (State) Award
953 Hunter Group Training (Building Apprentices and Trainees) Consent Award 1997
389 Ice Cream Makers (State) Award
975 Incitec Ltd NSW Manufacturing Award 1994
600 Jim's Mowing Service Enterprise Award
1170 Kilpatrick Green Pty Ltd New South Wales Enterprise Award, 2000 - 2002
1766 Labor Council of New South Wales and Barclay Mowlem Bellagio Project Award 2004
1771 Labor Council of New South Wales and Barclay Mowlem Construction Limited Liverpool Hospital - New Mental Health Centre Project Award
1757 Labor Council of New South Wales Maroubra Central Project Award - 2004
421 Laundry Employees (State) Award
833 LHMU and Tasman Insulation Australia Pty Ltd Enterprise Award 2004
1000 Lidcombe Castlereagh Waste Management Centre Enterprise Award 1997
308 Local Government (State) Award 2004
455 Long Service Leave (Oil Companies) (State) Award
1753 M Central - Pyrmont Project Award
259 Malthouses (State) Award
440 Margarine Makers (State) Award
007 Marine Charter Vessels (State) Award
1232 Mayne Nickless Logistics, New South Wales, Pepsico (Drivers) Consent Award 1996, The
1233 Mayne Nickless Pepsico Wetherill Park Consent Award 1996
1034 Metal Trades (Training Wage) (State) Award
476 Milk Treatment, &c., and Distribution (State) Award
1159 Miscellaneous Workers' Kindergarten and Child Care Centres (State) Training Wage Award
2056 Miscellaneous Workers' Security Industry (State) Superannuation Award
655B Montessori Schools and/or Pre-Schools Portability of Long Service Leave Award
550 Motels, Accommodation and Resorts, &c. (State) Award
441 Motor Boats and Small Tugs (State) Award
486 Motor Ferries (State) Award
1108 Multi-Fill Pty Ltd Enterprise Agreement Consolidated Award 1995
1151 Murray Irrigation Limited Consent Award 2004
1406 Murrumbidgee Irrigation Consent Award 2004
501 Musicians' (Live Performance) (State) Consolidated Award
666 Musicians' (Multi Media) (State) Consolidated Award
994 Nalco Australia Pty Ltd Enterprise Award 2004
804 Nestle Smithtown Enterprise Award 2004
150 New South Wales Colliers and Small Ships (State) Award
199 New South Wales TAFE Commission (Graphic Arts Section, Sydney Institute) Wages and Conditions Award
284 Newcastle Port Corporation and AIMPE Award 2001
465 Nugan Quality Foods Pty Ltd Employees (State) Award
1143 Nungera Co-operative Society Limited (State) Consent Award 2001
4229 Nurses' (Private Sector) Training Wage (State) Award
511 Nut Food Makers (State) Award
1643 Other Services (Catholic Personal/Carer's Leave) (State) Award
1018 P & O Cold Logistics Limited (NSW) Enterprise Award 2003
1754 Pacific Square - Maroubra Project Award
515 Paint and Varnish Makers, &c. (State) Award
519 Pastoral Employees (State) Award
776 Pastrycooks (Specified Wholesalers) Award
520 Pastrycooks, &c. (State) Award
1761 Peppers Resort Project Agreement Award 2004
1593 PFD Food Services (Qld) Pty Ltd Sales and Distribution Employees Enterprise Award 2001
1755 Pioneer Bass Point Quarry Site Award 2003
537 Plasterers, Shop Hands and Casters (State) Consolidated Award
538 Plastic Moulding, &c. (State) Award
539 Plumbers and Gasfitters (State) Award
1199 Port Macquarie Base Hospital Professional Staff (State) Award, The
1284 Port Waratah Coal Services Limited (Traineeship) (State) Award
541 Potato Crisp Makers (State) Award
544 Pottery Industry (State) Award
817 Poultry Industry Livestock (State) Award
545 Poultry Industry Preparation (State) Award
229 Printing Industries (State) Award
1769 Private Hospital (Named Respondents) (State) Award
1470 Professional Surveyors (Private Industry) (State) Award
782 Public Health Service Employees Skilled Trades (State) Award (Incorporating the Ambulance Service of NSW Skilled Trades)
768 Public Transport Construction Award
570 Race Clubs Employees (State) Award
1776 Readymix Holdings Pty Ltd Albion Park Quarry (State) Award 2004
1609 Real Estate Industry (Clerical and Administrative) (State) Award
500 Recorded Music and Visual Entertainment Reproduction (State) Award
575 Refractory Industry (State) Award
576 Restaurant, &c., Employees' Retail Shops (State) Award
2114 Retail Industry (State) Superannuation Award
4165 Retail Industry (State) Training Wage Award
241 Retail Services Employees (State) Award
1451 Rinker Group t/as Readymix Holdings Pty Ltd South Coast Transport (State) Award 1997
1612 Rinker Group Trading As Readymix Holdings Pty Ltd Albion Park Quarry No. 4 (State) Award 2001
497 Riverina Water County Council Enterprise Award 2004
578 Rock and Ore Milling and Refining (State) Award
1085 Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (South Eastern Section) Nursing Staff (State) Award
580 Rubber Workers (State) Award
4059 Rural Lands Protection Boards Salaries and Conditions Award 2004
582 Saddlery, Leather, Canvas and Plastic Material Workers' (State) Award
1173 Schering-Plough (Plant Employees) Enterprise Award 1996
690 School Support Staff (Catholic Schools) (State) Training Wage Award 2001
218 Security Industry (State) Award
1394 Senior Managers (National Parks and Wildlife Service) Award 2004
4204 Shop Employees (Catholic Personal/Carer's Leave) (State) Award
601 Shop Employees (State) Award
769 Ski Industry (State) Award
801 Ski Instructors (State) Award
1598 Skilled Trades Staff - Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care (State) Award 2004
606 Smallgoods Manufacturers (State) Award
1266 Smith's Snackfood Company Distribution Consent Award, The
607 Soap and Candle Makers (State) Consolidated Award
4000 Social and Community Services Catholic Personal/Carer's Leave (State) Award
1417 Stadium Australia Consent Enterprise (State) Award 1998, The
709 Starch Manufacturers, &c. (State) Award
1334 State Sports Centre Trust Casual Event Staff (State) Award 2004
157 State Transit Authority of New South Wales Ferries (State) Award
1768 Stockland Bay Village Project Award
631 Storemen and Packers, Wholesale Paint, Varnish and Colour Stores (State) Award
1584 Storeworkers - Campbells Cash and Carry Pty Limited (NSW) NUW, NSW Branch Award 2001
630 Strappers and Stable Hands (State) Award
543 Superannuation Administration Corporation (Salaries and Conditions 2004) Award
065 Supervisors, Breweries (State) Award
647 Surveyors' Field Hands (State) Award
1341 Sydney Aquarium Staff (State) Award
644 Sydney Cricket and Sports Ground Trust (Ground Staff) Enterprise Award 2001
1460 Sydney Entertainment Centre Food, Beverage and Bar Service (Casual Employees) Enterprise Award 2004
451 Sydney Water Award 2004
649 Tanning Industry (State) Award
773B Technical and Further Education Commission of New South Wales - Security Employees - Wages and Conditions Award
656 Tennis Strings and Sutures Industry (State) Award
212 Textile Industry (State) Award
1017 Theatrical Employees (Training Wage) (State) Award
1553 Theatrical Employees' Redundancy (State) Award
1763 Thiess John Holland Project Award
1767 Thiess Pty Ltd 100 Pacific Highway Project Award 2004
1461 TNT Express Specialised Services Consent Award
1149 TNT Express Sydney Drivers Consent Award
1150 TNT Express Sydney Sortation Award, August 2004
2137 Transport Industry - Mixed Enterprises (State) Superannuation Award
665 Transport Industry - Mixed Enterprises Interim (State) Award
840 Transport Industry - Petroleum, &c., Distribution (State) Award
807 Transport Industry - Quarried Materials (State) Award
2100 Transport Industry - Sanitary and Garbage (State) Superannuation Award
679 Transport Industry - Tourist and Service Coach Drivers (State) Award
608 Transport Industry - Wholesale Butchers (State) Award 2000
682 Transport Industry - Wood and Coal (State) Award
2190 Transport Industry (State) Superannuation Award (No. 2)
686 Tyco Water Pty Ltd Yennora General Award 2001
1362 Ulan Coal Delivery Facility Consent Award 2004
587 University of Newcastle Union Food and Beverage Staff (State) Award
1346 Valvoline (Australia) Pty Ltd 1997-1999 Consent Award
707 Van Sales Employees' (State) Award
702 Warehouse Employees' - General (State) Award
701 Warehouse Employees Drug (State) Award
1597 Waterco Limited Chemical Division (State) Consent Award
1345 WaterCo Sales and Manufacturing Pty Ltd (State) Consent Award
1045 Woolworths Supermarkets and Warehouse Administration (State) Award
748 Zoological Parks Board of New South Wales Employees' (State) Award



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