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2nd Round of 2008 Award Review - list of awards due for review

List of Awards for Review

The following table lists the NSW awards that are due for review in the period to 1 July 2008 to 30 June 2010.

Please see Registrar's Announcement on the 23 September 2008 for further information relating to this round of the award review.

Further information regarding the history and participation records for each award is available by selecting its award code.

Code Title
014 Advisers (Archdiocese of Sydney and Dioceses of Broken Bay and Parramatta) (State) Award 2006
009 Ambulance Service of New South Wales Superintendent/Operational Managers (State) Award
1091 Boarding House Staff (Independent Schools) (State) Award 2007
1867 Boarding House Staff (St Gregory's College Campbelltown) (State) Award 2006
1360 Bradfield College (Department of Education and Training) Salaries and Conditions Award 2006
1865 Broken Hill City Council Consent Award 2005
1014 Broken Hill Commerce and Industry Agreement Consent Award 2001
077 Button Makers (State) Award
1877 Care Worker Employees - Department of Ageing, Disability and Home Care (State) Award 2006
099 Cemetery and Crematoria Employees (State) Award
1781 CFMEU Enterprise Award expiring 1 October 2011
175 City of Sydney Wages/Salary Award 2002
116 Cleaning and Building Services Contractors (State) Award
135 Clerical and Administrative Employees (State) Award
141 Club Managers' (State) Award 2006
1828 Coal Mining Industry (Accident Pay) Interim Award 2004
718 Community College Principals (New South Wales) Award 2006
1131 Crown Employees (Australian Music Examinations Board (New South Wales) Examiners, Assessors and Advisers) Award
267 Crown Employees (Chief Education Officers - Department of Education and Training) Salaries and Conditions Award 2006
1624 Crown Employees (Court Officers Attorney General's Department) Award
1279 Crown Employees (Department of Commerce) Wages Staff Award 2005
1653 Crown Employees (Department of Juvenile Justice - Detention Centres 2005) Award
1635 Crown Employees (Department of the Arts, Sport and Recreation - Centre Managers) Award 2008
901 Crown Employees (Education Employees Department of Corrective Services) Consent Award 2006
1805 Crown Employees (General Managers, Superintendents, Managers Security and Deputy Superintendents, Department of Corrective Services) Award 2005
1813 Crown Employees (Health Care Complaints Commission, Medical Advisers) Award 2007
228 Crown Employees (Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal 2006) Award
1343 Crown Employees (Institute Managers in TAFE) Salaries and Conditions Award 2006
1623 Crown Employees (Librarians, Library Assistants, Library Technicians and Archivists) Award 2005
1658 Crown Employees (Major and Community Events Reassignment) Award
1288 Crown Employees (Medical Specialists, Various Agencies) Award 2007
1128 Crown Employees (National Art School, Academic Staff) Salaries and Conditions Award 2006
1719 Crown Employees (NSW Department Of Commerce, Government Chief Information Office and OICT Projects, Office of Public Works and Services) Award 2005
1798 Crown Employees (NSW Department of Lands - Departmental Officers) Award
1327 Crown Employees (NSW Department of Primary Industries) Operational Staff Award
1710 Crown Employees (NSW Fire Brigades Firefighting Staff Death and Disability) Award 2006
316 Crown Employees (NSW Fire Brigades Permanent Firefighting Staff) Award 2008
700 Crown Employees (NSW Fire Brigades Retained Firefighting Staff) Award 2008
1389 Crown Employees (NSW Police (Nurses')) Award
1871 Crown Employees (NSW Police Administrative Officers and Temporary Employees - Salaries 2006) Award
1872 Crown Employees (NSW Police Administrative Officers and Temporary Employees Conditions of Employment) Award 2006
1827 Crown Employees (NSW TAFE Commission - Administrative and Support Staff Conditions of Employment) Award 2005
1297 Crown Employees (Office Of The Board Of Studies - Education Officers) Salaries and Conditions Award
1782 Crown Employees (Office of the Legal Aid Commission - Indemnification of Employed Solicitors) Award
1647 Crown Employees (Office of the NSW Food Authority - Food Safety Officers) Award
1851 Crown Employees (Police Officers Death and Disability) Award 2005
1876 Crown Employees (Psychologists) Award
385 Crown Employees (Public Sector - Salaries 2008) Award
1310 Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Reviewed Award 2006
694 Crown Employees (Public Service Training Wage) Award 2005
1579 Crown Employees (Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales - Traffic Signals Staff) Award 2008
1559 Crown Employees (Roads and Traffic Authority of New South Wales - Wages Staff) Award 2005
1822 Crown Employees (Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW - School Crossing Supervisors) Award
1588 Crown Employees (Rural Fire Service Salaries and Conditions of Employment 2003) Award
505 Crown Employees (Saturday School of Community Languages) Award 2006
1323 Crown Employees (School Administrative and Support Staff) Award
1219 Crown Employees (Senior Assistant Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents, Department of Corrective Services) Award 2005
1873 Crown Employees (State Emergency Service Communication Centre - Continuous Shift Workers) Award 2006
094 Crown Employees (State Emergency Service) Region Controllers Award 2008
264 Crown Employees (Teachers in Schools and Related Employees) Salaries and Conditions Award 2006
1856 Crown Employees (Teachers in TAFE and Related Employees) Salaries and Conditions Award 2006
1439 Crown Employees (Teachers in TAFE Children's Centres) Salaries and Conditions Award 2005
240 Crown Employees NSW Adult Migrant English Service (Teachers and Related Employees) Award 2006
4236 Crown Employees Wages Staff (Rates of Pay) Award 2007
1285 Delta Electricity Employees Award 2005
913 Educators (Life Education) (State) Award 2006
180 Electrical, Electronic and Communications Contracting Industry (State) Award
1783 Electro Group and Australian Workers' Union, New South Wales Gas Training (State) Award
691 Entertainment and Broadcasting Industry - Film and Video Production (State) Award
1361 Entertainment and Broadcasting Industry - Live Theatre and Concert (State) Award
1829 Ettamogah to Murray River Project Award
1565 Farm Assistants (Department of Education and Training) Wages and Conditions Award
1282 Forestry Commission Division trading as Forests NSW Crown Employees Fieldwork and Other Staff Award 2005-2008
1319 Fresenius Medical Care Australia Pty Ltd (Smithfield) Site Enterprise Award 2005 - 2006
363 Funeral Industries (State) Award 2005
349 General Construction and Maintenance, Civil and Mechanical Engineering, &c. (State) Award
1505 Goldenfields Water County Council Enterprise Award 2004
1622 Health and Community Employees Psychologists (State) Award
380 Health Employees' (State) Award
721 Health Employees' Administrative Staff (State) Award
777 Health Employees' Computer Staff (State) Award
722 Health Employees' Conditions of Employment (State) Award
1422 Health Employees Dental Officers (State) Award
1421 Health Employees' Dental Technicians (State) Award
381 Health Employees' Engineers (State) Award
051 Health Employees' General Administrative Staff (State) Award
096 Health Employees' Interpreters' (State) Award
1283 Health Employees' Medical Radiation Scientists (State) Award
723 Health Employees' Pharmacists (State) Award
379 Health Employees' Technical (State) Award
1503 Health Industry Status of Employment (State) Award
1289 Health Managers (State) Award
770 Health Professional and Medical Salaries (State) Award
1107 Higher School Certificate and School Certificate Marking and Related Casual Employees Rates of Pay and Conditions Award
590 Hospital Scientists (State) Award
1732 Hunter Valley Training Company (Scaffolding Trainees) Training (State) Award
1676 Hunter Water Australia (State) Award
365 Hunter Water Corporation Employees (State) Award 1999
1826 Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre Project Award 2005
1420 Independent Commission Against Corruption Award
1616 Landcom (Conditions of Employment 2004) Award
1617 Landcom (Salaries 2004) Award
1650 M5 East Motorway Consent Award 2004
1572 Maintenance and Outdoor Staff (Catholic Schools) (State) Award 2005
1550 Maintenance, Outdoor and Other Staff (Independent Schools) (State) Award 2007
1803 Meter Readers and Field Officers (State) Award
482 Miscellaneous Workers' - Kindergartens and Child Care Centres, &c. (State) Award
1662 Museum of Contemporary Art Conditions of Employment Award 2005
1326 New South Wales Lotteries Corporation (Salaries, Allowances and Conditions of Employment) 2004 Award
4008 Newcastle City Council Award 2006
1672 NSW Aboriginal Land Council Staff Award 2006
226 NSW Port Corporations Award 2005
018 Nurses' (Department of Ageing, Disability & Home Care) (State) Award 2008
508 Nurses, Non-Government Schools (State) Award
759 Nursing Homes, &c., Nurses' (State) Award
008 Operational Ambulance Officers (State) Award
1574 Orthoptists in Private Practice (State) Award
1129 Parliamentary Reporting Staff (Salaries) Award
1870 Principal (Independent Schools) (State) Award 2007
493 Principals (Archdiocese of Sydney and Dioceses of Broken Bay and Parramatta) (State) Award 2006
496 Principals (Country and Regional Dioceses) (State) Award 2006
376 Private Medical Imaging (State) Award 2004
318 Public Hospital (Career Medical Officers) (State) Award
564 Public Hospital (Medical Officers) Award
106 Public Hospital Dental Therapists (State) Award
566 Public Hospital Professional Engineers' (Bio-medical Engineers) (State) Award
1321 Public Hospital Residential Services Assistants (State) Award11
563 Public Hospitals (Medical Superintendents) Award
532 Public Hospitals (Professional and Associated Staff) Conditions of Employment (State) Award
595 Public Hospitals Dental Assistants (State) Award
556 Public Hospitals Dental Staff (State) Award
772 Public Hospitals Library Staff (State) Award
557 Public Hospitals Medical Record Librarians Award
573 Real Estate Industry (State) Award 2003, The
1850 Richard Crookes Constructions Unions NSW Wellington Correctional Centre Project Award 2005
1320 Royal Rehabilitation Service - Weemala Unit Residential Care Staff (State) Award
625 School Support Staff (Archdiocese of Sydney, Dioceses of Broken Bay and Parramatta) (State) Award 2005
1316 School Support Staff (Catholic Independent Schools) (State) Award 2005
624 School Support Staff (Country and Regional Dioceses) (State) Award 2005
1090 School Support Staff (Independent Schools) (State) Award 2007
655 SDN Children's Services (Inc) Early Childhood Long Day Care Centres (State) Award
611 Smorgon Steel Group - Reinforcing and Steel Products Division - Manufacturing and Grinding Media Waratah - Award 2006
783 Social and Community Services Employees (State) Award
731 South Sydney City Council Salaried Officers Award 2002
827 South Sydney City Council Wages Staff Award 2002
362 Spastic Centre of New South Wales (Allied Professional Staff) (State) Award 2004
334 Spastic Centre of New South Wales Enterprise (State) Award, The
1756 Spotless Services BlueScope Steel Site Cleaning Award 2004
470 Staff Specialists (State) Award
1689 Sydney Catchment Authority Consolidated Award 2005
645 Sydney Markets Award - 2003
1148 Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic, Athletics and Archery Centres (State) Award 2008
1639 Sydney Olympic Park Visitors Services (State) Award 2008
1155 TAB Clerical and Administrative Agency Casual Staff Award 2006`
492 Teachers (Archdiocese of Sydney and Dioceses of Broken Bay and Parramatta) (State) Award 2006
1211 Teachers (Catholic Early Childhood Service Centres and Pre-Schools) (State) Award 2006
661 Teachers (Catholic Independent Schools) (State) Award 2006
977 Teachers (Co. As. It.) (State) Award
495 Teachers (Country and Regional Dioceses) (State) Award 2006
1051 Teachers (Independent Schools Early Childhood Service Centres Other Than Pre-Schools) (State) Award 2008
1055 Teachers (Independent Schools) (State) Award 2007
734 Teachers (KU Children's Services) (State) Award
594 Teachers (Non-Government Early Childhood Service Centres Other Than Pre-Schools) (State) Award 2006
629 Teachers (Non-Government Pre-Schools) (State) Award 2006
1001 The Australian Jockey Club Track Maintenance and Ancillary Staff Award 2005
1614 Training Wage (State) Award 2002
683 Transport Industry - Cash-in-Transit (State) Award
674 Transport Industry - Motor Bus Drivers and Conductors (State) Award
1875 Transport Industry - Mutual Responsibility for Road Safety (State) Award
676 Transport Industry - Waste Collection and Recycling (State) Award
1855 Unions NSW Port Kembla Steelworks Construction Award 2006
1685 University Unions (State) Award
697 Vehicle Industry - Repair Services and Retail (State) Award
1671 Waste Recycling and Processing Corporation (Salaries and Conditions of Employment 2008) Award
1869 Zoological Parks Board of New South Wales Wages Employees' Award, 2006



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