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Index to Non-operative awards - rescinded as at 28 November 2011


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Code Title
820 Actors (Theatrical) (State) Award
749 Advertising Sales Representatives (State) Award
014 Advisers (Archdiocese of Sydney and Dioceses of Broken Bay and Parramatta) (State) Award 2009
005 Aerated Waters, &c. (State) Award
964 Aged Care General Services (State) Award 2006
1264 Aged Care Industry (Broken Hill) Award
4200 Agricultural, Pastoral or Horticultural Society's Show (State) Award
010 Animal Food Makers, &c. (State) Award
011 Animal Welfare, General (State) Award
012 Animal Welfare, Institutional (State) Award
1165 Armidale Women's Shelter (Remuneration For On-call) Award 1996
017 Asphalt and Bitumen Industry (State) Award
1043 Australian Jockey Club - Electrical and Plumbing Enterprise Award 2002
1358 Australian Jockey Club Hospitality Employees Award 2008
1027 Australian Jockey Club - Single Bargaining Unit Enterprise Award 2007
1610 AWU Training Wage (State) Award 2002


Code Title
022 Bacon Factory Employees (Cumberland) Consolidated Award
036 Biscuit and Cake Makers (State) Award
1091 Boarding House Staff (Independent Schools) (State) Award 2007
1867 Boarding House Staff (St Gregory's College Campbelltown) (State) Award 2008
040 Boiling Down and By-Products (Cumberland) Consolidated Award
789 Bootmakers and Heel Bar Operatives, &c. (State) Award
043 Bowling and Golf Clubs Employees (State) Award
828 Bread Industry (State) Award
050 Breeding and Raising of Pigs, &c., Employees (State) Award
086 Breweries, Maintenance Employees (State) Award
059 Breweries (State) Award
057 Brick and Paver Industry (State) Award
1014 Broken Hill Commerce and Industry Consent Award 2008
001 Building and Construction Industry (State) Award
084 Building Crane Drivers (State) Award
058 Building Employees Mixed Industries (State) Award
066 Building Industry - Contract Floor Layer Minimum Rate Order Award
512 Business Equipment Maintenance (State) Award, The
071 Butchers, Retail (State) Award
074 Butchers' Wholesale (Newcastle and Northern) Award
072 Butchers' Wholesale (State) Award
075 Butter and Cheese and Other Dairy Products (Newcastle and Northern) Award
076 Butter, Cheese and Other Dairy Products (State) Award
077 Button Makers (State) Award


Code Title
090 Caterers Employees (State) Award
1774 Catholic Schools Long Service Leave Portability (State) Award
754 Cement Industry (State) Consolidated Award
083 Cement Mixers and Concrete Workers, Central Batch Plants (State) Consolidated Award
099 Cemetery and Crematoria Employees (State) Reviewed Award 2008
1781 CFMEU Enterprise Award expiring 1 October 2011
4006 Charitable Institutions Catholic Personal/Carer's Leave (State) Award
253 Charitable Institutions (Professional Staff Social Workers) (State) Award 2006
112 Chemical Workers (State) Award
116 Cleaning and Building Services Contractors (State) Award
4214 Clerical and Administrative Employees (Catholic Personal Carer's Leave) (State) Award
125 Clerical and Administrative Employees, Hire Cars and Taxis (State) Award
082 Clerical and Administrative Employees in Permanent Building Societies (State) Award
155 Clerical and Administrative Employees in Temporary Employment Services (State) Award
134 Clerical and Administrative Employees Legal Industry (State) Award
131 Clerical Employees in Retail (State) Award
5044 Clerks Redundancy (State) Award
140 Club Employees (State) Award
585 Club Industry (Variety Artists) (State) Award 2001
141 Club Managers' (State) Award 2008
142 Coachmakers, &c., Rail (State) Award
143 Coachmakers, &c., Road and Perambulator Manufacturers (State) Award
1828 Coal Mining Industry (Accident Pay) Interim Award 2004
1052 Coal Superintending Samplers (State) Award
149 Cold Storage and Ice Employees (Northumberland) Award
152 Cold Storage and Ice Employees (State) Award
989A Cold Storage Enterprise Award 1998
1448 Coleambally Irrigation Consent Award 2007
159 Commercial Travellers, &c. (State) Award
718 Community College Principals (New South Wales) Award 2006
1471 Community Colleges Tutors (State) Award
1590 Community Pharmacy (State) Award 2001
162 Concrete Pipe and Concrete Products Factories Consolidated (State) Award
163 Confectioners (State) Award
1162 Confectioners (State) Training Wage Award
1775 Cooma Challenge Limited Business Services (State) Award, The
173 Cotton Ginning, &c., Employees (State) Award
174 Cotton Growing Employees (State) Award
1367 Country Energy Enterprise Award 2007
1888 Country Energy Far West Interim Award 2008


Code Title
278 Dairying Industry Employees (State) Award
279 Dental Assistants and Secretaries (State) Award
281 Dental Technicians (State) Award 2006
1467 Divisions of General Practice (State) Award
283 Draughting Employees, Planners, Technical Employees, &c. (State) Award
285 Drug Factories (State) Award
286 Dry Cleaning (State) Award


Code Title
180 Electrical, Electronic and Communications Contracting Industry (State) Award
293 Electricians, &c. (State) Award
301 Engine Drivers General (State) Award
306 Engine Packing Manufacture (State) Award
571 Entertainment and Broadcasting Industry - Cinema (State) Award
691 Entertainment and Broadcasting Industry - Film and Video Production (State) Award
356 Exhibition Industry (State) Award


Code Title
309 Farriers (State) Award
329 Fish and Fish Marketing (State) Consolidated Award
747 Food Preservers (State) Award
168 Footwear Manufacturing Industry (State) Award
336 Friction Materials, &c., Manufacture (State) Award
340 Fruit Packing Houses Employees (State) Consolidated Award
363 Funeral Industries (State) Reviewed Award 2008
819 Furniture and Furnishing Trades (State) Award


Code Title
343 Gangers (State) Award
1723 Gas Meter Readers and Field Officers Redundancy (State) Award
348 Gelatine and Glue Industry (State) Award
349 General Construction and Maintenance, Civil and Mechanical Engineering, &c. (State) Award
353 Glass Makers (State) Award
354 Glass Workers (State) Award
357 Government Railways (Building Trades Construction Staff) Award
358 Government Railways (Building Trades Maintenance Staff) Award
4183 Graduate-at-Law (State) Award
612 Grocery Products Manufacturing (State) Award


Code Title
378 Horticultural Industry (State) Consolidated Award
384 Hotel Employees (State) Award
1676 Hunter Water Australia (State) Award
365 Hunter Water Corporation Employees (State) Award 1999


Code Title
387 Ice Cream Carters and Van Salespersons (State) Award
388 Ice Cream Cold Storage (State) Award
389 Ice Cream Makers (State) Award
1892 Integral Energy Award 2008


Code Title
703 Jewellers and Watchmakers, &c. (State) Award
046 Joiners (State) Award
936 Journalists (Specialist Publications) (State) Award 1996
412 Journalists' Suburban Newspapers (State) Award


Code Title
347 Landscape Gardeners, &c., On Building and General Construction and Maintenance, Civil and Mechanical Engineering (State) Award
420 Landscape Gardeners, &c. (State) Award
421 Laundry Employees (State) Award


Code Title
1572 Maintenance and Outdoor Staff (Catholic Schools) (State) Award 2008
1550 Maintenance, Outdoor and Other Staff (Independent Schools) (State) Award 2007
259 Malthouses (State) Award
438 Mannequins and Models (State) Award
440 Margarine Makers (State) Award
468 Meat Preservers, &c. (State) Consolidated Award
469 Mechanical Opticians (State) Award
039 Metal, Engineering and Associated Industries (State) Award
474 Metalliferous Mining Industry (State) Award 1995
1034 Metal Trades (Training Wage) (State) Award
1803 Meter Readers and Field Officers (State) Award
476 Milk Treatment, &c., and Distribution (State) Award
477 Mineral Sands Mining and Treatment Industry (State) Consolidated Award
480 Miscellaneous Gardeners, &c. (State) Award
4029 Miscellaneous Workers (Catholic Personal/Carer's Leave) (State) Award
705 Miscellaneous Workers' - General Services (State) Award
481 Miscellaneous Workers' - Independent Schools and Colleges, &c. (State) Award
4198 Miscellaneous Workers Kindergartens and Child Care Centres Family Leave (Catholic Kindergartens, Child Care Centres and Others and Independent Schools) (State) Award
2056 Miscellaneous Workers' Security Industry (State) Superannuation Award
655B Montessori Schools and/or Pre-Schools Portability of Long Service Leave Award
441 Motor Boats and Small Tugs (State) Award
486 Motor Ferries (State) Award
489 Motor Vehicle Salesperson (State) Award
1662 Museum of Contemporary Art Conditions of Employment Award 2009
471 Mushroom Industry Employees (State) Award
501 Musicians' (Live Performance) (State) Consolidated Award
666 Musicians' (Multi Media) (State) Consolidated Award


Code Title
150 New South Wales Colliers and Small Ships (State) Award
1672 NSW Aboriginal Land Council Staff Award 2009
226 NSW Port Corporations Award 2008
507 Nurseries Employees (State) Award
1456 Nurses' (Australian Red Cross Blood Service - NSW) (State) Interim Award
508 Nurses, Non-Government Schools (State) Award
670 Nurses On Wheels Inc. Nurses' (State) Award
374 Nursing Homes Professional Employees (State) Award 2006
511 Nut Food Makers (State) Award


Code Title
517 Occupational Health Nurses' (State) Award 2006
1574 Orthoptists in Private Practice (State) Award
1643 Other Services (Catholic Personal/Carer's Leave) (State) Award
514 Oyster Farms, &c. (State) Award


Code Title
515 Paint and Varnish Makers, &c. (State) Award
518 Parking Attendants, &c. (State) Consolidated Award
519 Pastoral Employees (State) Award
520 Pastry Cooks, &c. (State) Award
776 Pastrycooks (Specified Wholesalers) Award
341 Pest Control Industry (State) Award
540 Pet Food Manufacturers (State) Award
113 Pharmacy Assistants (State) Award
525 Photographic Industry (State) Award
5040 Pitt Wood Presbyterian Homes Redundancy (State) Award
534 Plant, &c., Operators on Construction (State) Award
537 Plasterers, Shop Hands and Casters (State) Consolidated Award
538 Plastic Moulding, &c. (State) Award
539 Plumbers and Gasfitters (State) Award
791 Police Association Salaried Officers (State) Award 2000
541 Potato Crisp Makers (State) Award
544 Pottery Industry (State) Award
546 Poultry Farm Employees (State) Award
817 Poultry Industry Livestock (State) Award
545 Poultry Industry Preparation (State) Award
1353 Preterm Medical Officers (State) Award
1870 Principal (Independent Schools) (State) Award 2007
493 Principals (Archdiocese of Sydney and Dioceses of Broken Bay and Parramatta) (State) Award 2009
496 Principals (Country and Regional Dioceses) (State) Award 2009
229 Printing Industries (State) Award
2159 Private Hospital and Nursing Home Nurses' Superannuation (State) Award
548 Private Hospital Employees (State) Award 2006
549 Private Hospital Industry Nurses' (State) Award
1769 Private Hospital (Named Respondents) (State) Award
287 Private Hospital Professional Employees (State) Award 2006
376 Private Medical Imaging (State) Award 2004
429 Private Pathology Laboratories (State) Award
1144 Professional Engineers and Professional Scientists (Private Industry) (State) Award
1470 Professional Surveyors (Private Industry) (State) Award
946 Public Service Association of New South Wales Industrial and Associated Officers (Secure Employment) Award 2009
768 Public Transport Construction Award
565 Pyrotechnics, &c. (State) Award


Code Title
569 Quarries, &c. (State) Award


Code Title
570 Race Clubs Employees (State) Award
1609 Real Estate Industry (Clerical and Administrative) (State) Award
573 Real Estate Industry (State) Award 2003, The
924 Real Estate Industry (State) Training Wage Award
500 Recorded Music and Visual Entertainment Reproduction (State) Award
575 Refractory Industry (State) Award
576 Restaurant, &c., Employees' Retail Shops (State) Award
2114 Retail Industry (State) Superannuation Award
4165 Retail Industry (State) Training Wage Award
241 Retail Services Employees (State) Award
1166 Richmond Fellowship of New South Wales (State) Award 1999, The
578 Rock and Ore Milling and Refining (State) Award
1085 Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (South Eastern Section) Nursing Staff (State) Award
1320 Royal Rehabilitation Service - Weemala Unit Residential Care Staff (State) Award
580 Rubber Workers (State) Award
449 Rural Traineeships (State) Award


Code Title
582 Saddlery, Leather, Canvas and Plastic Material Workers' (State) Award
588 Sawmillers, &c. (State) Award
625 School Support Staff (Archdiocese of Sydney, Dioceses of Broken Bay and Parramatta) (State) Award 2008
1316 School Support Staff (Catholic Independent Schools) (State) Award 2009
690 School Support Staff (Catholic Schools) (State) Training Wage Award 2001
624 School Support Staff (Country and Regional Dioceses) (State) Award 2008
1090 School Support Staff (Independent Schools) (State) Award 2007
4204 Shop Employees (Catholic Personal/Carer's Leave) (State) Award
606 Smallgoods Manufacturers (State) Award
607 Soap and Candle Makers (State) Consolidated Award
4000 Social and Community Services Catholic Personal/Carer's Leave (State) Award
783 Social and Community Services Employees (State) Award
362 Spastic Centre of New South Wales (Allied Professional Staff) (State) Award 2004
334 Spastic Centre of New South Wales Enterprise (State) Award, The
709 Starch Manufacturers, &c. (State) Award
1722 State Water Corporation (Storages, Operations and River Infrastructure Staff) Award
619 Storemen and Packers Bond and Free Stores (State) Award
912 Storemen and Packers, General (State) Award
2089 Storemen and Packers - Grocery and Variety Warehouse (State) Superannuation Award
626 Storemen and Packers, Wholesale Drug Stores (State) Award
631 Storemen and Packers, Wholesale Paint, Varnish and Colour Stores (State) Award
630 Strappers and Stable Hands (State) Award
634 Sugar Field Workers (State) Consolidated Award
543 Superannuation Administration Corporation (Salaries and Conditions) Award 2008
065 Supervisors, Breweries (State) Award
647 Surveyors' Field Hands (State) Award
645 Sydney Markets Award - 2009


Code Title
1155 TAB Clerical and Administrative Agency Casual Staff Award 2006
649 Tanning Industry (State) Award
492 Teachers (Archdiocese of Sydney and Dioceses of Broken Bay and Parramatta) (State) Award 2009
1211 Teachers (Catholic Early Childhood Service Centres and Pre-Schools) (State) Award 2009
661 Teachers (Catholic Independent Schools) (State) Award 2006
977 Teachers (Co. As. It.) (State) Award
495 Teachers (Country and Regional Dioceses) (State) Award 2009
1051 Teachers (Independent Schools Early Childhood Service Centres Other Than Pre-Schools) (State) Award 2008
1055 Teachers (Independent Schools) (State) Award 2007
802 Teachers Non-Government (English Colleges) (State) Award 2003
629 Teachers (Non-Government Pre-Schools) (State) Award 2009
656 Tennis Strings and Sutures Industry (State) Award
212 Textile Industry (State) Award
664 Theatre Managers (State) Award
845 Theatrical Employees Recreation and Leisure Industry (State) Award
1553 Theatrical Employees' Redundancy (State) Award
1017 Theatrical Employees (Training Wage) (State) Award
1001 The Australian Jockey Club Track Maintenance and Ancillary Staff Award 2005
850 The Catholic Press Newspaper Company Pty Limited (State) Award
1748 The National Trust of Australia (NSW) Bush Regenerators Award
669 Toy Makers' Employees (State) Award
1614 Training Wage (State) Award 2002
683 Transport Industry - Cash-in-Transit (State) Award
665 Transport Industry - Mixed Enterprises (State) Award
2137 Transport Industry - Mixed Enterprises (State) Superannuation Award
674 Transport Industry - Motor Bus Drivers and Conductors (State) Award
1875 Transport Industry - Mutual Responsibility for Road Safety (State) Award
840 Transport Industry - Petroleum, &c., Distribution (State) Award
807 Transport Industry - Quarried Materials (State) Award
675 Transport Industry - Retail (State) Award 1999
2190 Transport Industry (State) Superannuation Award (No. 2)
679 Transport Industry - Tourist and Service Coach Drivers (State) Award
752 Transport Industry - Trade Waste (State) Award
676 Transport Industry - Waste Collection and Recycling (State) Award
2100 Transport Industry - Waste Collection and Recycling (State) Superannuation Award
608 Transport Industry - Wholesale Butchers (State) Award
682 Transport Industry - Wood and Coal (State) Award


Code Title
1855 Unions NSW Port Kembla Steelworks Construction Award 2006
1685 University Unions (State) Award


Code Title
707 Van Sales Employees' (State) Award
696 Vegetable Oils (State) Award
697 Vehicle Industry - Repair Services and Retail (State) Award


Code Title
701 Warehouse Employees Drug (State) Award
702 Warehouse Employees' - General (State) Award
1671 Waste Recycling and Processing Corporation (Salaries and Conditions of Employment 2008) Award
710 Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Employees' (State) Award
830 Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market Employees (Newcastle, &c.) Award
711 Wine Industry Consolidated (State) Award
310 Wire Drawn Ferries (State) Award

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